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£6.5M Boost to Greenify the UK's North-East Fishing Industry

Embracing sustainability and innovation, the north-east fishing industry has just taken a decisive leap forward. The UK Government's grant of £6.5 million, a significant part of the UK Seafood Fund, is set to bolster the region's fishing industry's future, safeguarding both its long-term growth and environment-friendly practices.

The bulk of the investment - £5 million to be precise - is earmarked for Northbay Pelagic in Peterhead. It will bankroll an upgrade of their processing facility and procure new equipment, facilitating a yearly capacity increase of up to 35,000 tonnes. Additionally, Enter Foods and Alisrose Limited will receive substantial sums to expand their processing and waste treatment capabilities respectively.

What's noteworthy is the dual impact of this investment. It's not only about ramped-up production and job creation. It's also about eco-friendly practices, with projects geared towards sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions being eligible for funding.

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