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A $10 Billion-Dollar Leap: Geely's Bold Move To Revolutionize Malaysia's Automobile Industry

In an audacious investment proposal, the Chinese automobile giant Geely is set to invest a whopping USD 10 billion in the Malaysian city, Tanjung Malim. This considerable investment aims to transform the city into a significant auto-manufacturing hub, offering a powerful impetus to Malaysia automobile industry, regional economy and creating myriad job opportunities.

Geely, which already has a substantial 49.9% stake in Malaysian auto-maker Proton, envisions this investment as a cornerstone to promote economic growth, foster technological advancements, and secure a brighter future for the country's youth. The Malaysian Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, lauds this initiative, recognizing its potential for uplifting the national automotive industry.

The creation of such a hub is anticipated to magnetize additional investments, stimulate the local economy, and further solidify Malaysia's intent to become a significant player in the global auto industry. This venture could also catalyze technological progress and fortify the domestic manufacturing sector.

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