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Accelerating Diabetes Management:'s Strategic Funding Boost, a Bengaluru-based health-tech startup, has made waves in the industry with its recent announcement of securing an additional USD 5 million in its Series A round, led by B Capital. This injection of funds, alongside the previous USD 11 million raised in October last year, brings the total Series A funding to an impressive USD 16 million. The strategic allocation of this fresh capital is set to propel's research and development efforts in diabetes management, expand its technological capabilities, broaden its product range, and enhance its brand presence.

Key Insights from the News:

  1. Strategic Funding Allocation: The infusion of USD 5 million, led by B Capital, signifies a strong vote of confidence in's innovative approach to diabetes management. This strategic investment is poised to accelerate the startup's mission of leveraging technology to address the growing prevalence of type-2 diabetes and prediabetes.

  2. Prominent Investor Participation: The participation of established investors such as MassMutual Ventures, Tanglin Venture Partners, Endiya Partners, and Cure.Fit (now underscores the industry's recognition of's potential to revolutionize diabetes care through a consumer-centric, data-driven digital health experience.

  3. Focus on Sustainable Health Outcomes: Madan Somasundaram, Co-founder and CEO of, emphasizes the evolving health habits of consumers and the critical need for a tech-driven approach to ensure sustainable health outcomes. This highlights the startup's commitment to leveraging deep tech and an extensive on-ground network to cater to the diabetes management needs of millions of individuals in India.

  4. Omnichannel Presence and Growth:'s rapid growth is evident through its significant increase in paid subscribers over the past 18 months, serving over 30,000 individuals on its platform. The development of an omnichannel presence, including the operation of seven diabetes clinics with specialized doctors in Bengaluru, further solidifies its position as a key player in the diabetes management landscape.

  5. Addressing India's Dual Disease Burden: Karan Mohla, General Partner at B Capital, acknowledges India's challenge of managing a dual disease burden, particularly the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions like diabetes.'s dedication to fostering sustainable healthcare outcomes and its comprehensive distribution approach align with the critical need for innovative solutions to combat the enduring challenges of access, affordability, and quality in healthcare.

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Investment Recommendations:

  1. Health Tech & Medical Devices Sector: The health tech sector, particularly focused on chronic disease management, presents promising investment opportunities.'s innovative approach, backed by strong investor support, positions it as a frontrunner in leveraging technology for sustainable health outcomes.

  2. Digital Therapeutics and Patient Self-Management Solutions: Given the increasing demand for personalized and data-driven health experiences, investors should closely monitor startups like that are dedicated to addressing the evolving health needs of consumers through digital therapeutics and comprehensive patient self-management solutions.

  3. Expansion of Technological Capabilities: With's focus on expanding its technology stack and product range, investors should consider opportunities in companies driving technological advancements in the health tech sector, particularly those specializing in diabetes management and digital health experiences.

In conclusion,'s strategic funding boost not only underscores its commitment to revolutionizing diabetes management but also signals significant growth potential in the health tech sector. As the startup continues to expand its reach and enhance its technological capabilities, it stands poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of personalized healthcare in India.


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