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Archisen and FarmByte Transform Urban Farming with Automated Vertical Indoor Farm in Malaysia

There's a shift on the horizon. A transformative leap that promises to redefine agriculture and urban farming in Malaysia & Southeast Asia. Archisen and FarmByte, two prominent names in agritech and agrofood, have embarked on a joint endeavor to create an automated vertical indoor farm in Johor, Malaysia, specializing in the cultivation of Asian greens.

This collaboration is not merely a change; it's a revolution, harnessing technology and innovation to ensure food resilience and sustainability in the region.

1. Emphasizing a Digital-First Approach

FarmByte and Archisen share a vision that emphasizes digital-first approaches. With FarmByte focusing on essential farming infrastructure and local insights, Archisen's role lies in advising on indoor farming practices and technology requirements like automation systems and data analytics.

2. The Surge in Vertical Farming: A Glimpse of the Future

Vertical farming is no longer a concept but a thriving practice across Singapore and Malaysia. It signifies a determined focus on food security and self-reliance. This partnership marks a significant stride in sustainable urban agriculture, aligning with initiatives like Singapore’s ambitious “30 by 30” strategy.

3. Aligning Innovation and Efficiencies for High-Quality Food Production

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