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Ever.Ag Acquires Roger: A New Chapter in AgTech Logistics, Driving Agricultural Supply Future Way

In a landscape where data meets dirt, Ever.Ag, an AgTech forerunner, has taken a monumental step to amplify its suite of software and market intelligence by acquiring Roger, a trailblazer in bulk agricultural commodity trucking technology. This strategic alignment not only broadens the horizons for each entity but reshapes the future of the agricultural and AgTech supply chain logistics, advancing it into a smarter, more data-driven era.

The Market's New Trajectory:

  1. Unlocking Operational Efficiency: The integration of Roger’s technology into Ever.Ag’s analytics engine provides agricultural companies with near-real-time logistics insights. This pairing aims to reduce friction points and costs across the supply chain, essentially transforming traditional agribusiness workflows into streamlined, automated systems.

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