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FarmWorks: A Revolutionary Agtech Start-Up Transforming Kenya Agriculture

In a dynamic industry like agriculture, change is the only constant. This quote takes on a whole new meaning with the recent success of FarmWorks, a Kenyan agtech startup that just secured USD 4.1 million in a pre-Series A round. The goal? To empower smallholder farmers with access to farm inputs, markets, and invaluable resources.

This revolutionary agtech start-up, led by Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund and supported by an array of investors, has raised a total of $5.6 million in equity funding. CEO Yi Li and co-founder Peter Muthee plan to use this funding to implement data analytics and AI, further enhancing production and lending decisions.

So far, FarmWorks has established an out-grower scheme involving 2,000 smallholder farmers. This has resulted in the formation of a reliable supply chain network that guarantees the timely delivery of quality produce, setting new standards in a market where quality and timing are paramount.

FarmWorks not only provides traditional agricultural resources but also transforms the agricultural landscape itself by introducing high-value crops such as sugar snaps and snow peas. It strives to create a sustainable agtech ecosystem in Kenya, a country where agriculture accounts for 20% of the GDP and employs 70% of the rural population.

This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize agriculture in Kenya and beyond, offering three key insights for investors:

1. Leveraging technology in agriculture can yield high returns, especially in areas where agriculture forms a substantial part of the economy.

2. The introduction of high-value crops can significantly boost farmer income and contribute positively to the overall GDP.

3. Investment in agtech startups can lead to the creation of a sustainable and successful ecosystem for smallholder farmers.

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