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Hexagon and JSOL Spark Innovation in EV Powertrains with Virtual Prototyping

The alphanumeric symphony of Hexagon and JSOL may just be the perfect composition to orchestrate the future of electric vehicles (EVs). Today, a strategic partnership was struck, one that's set to turbocharge the evolution of electrified powertrains. Hexagon’s know-how in manufacturing intelligence melds with JSOL Corporation's prowess in electromagnetic simulation, together accelerating the headway towards robust and efficient EV designs through the power of virtual prototyping.

The industry's harmonious drive towards electrification is crescendoing, and with it, the demand for advanced simulation technologies. These digital tools are essential for cross-functional teams to gauge how design decisions reverberate through the entire system. It's a move away from the physical to the virtual – a premise promising a dramatic cut down in development time, cost, and complexity.

Striking the Right Chords in EV Design:

Hexagon's extensive suite for engineering simulation melding with JSOL Corporation's JMAG software becomes a maestro, conducting multi-physics simulation of complex electro-mechanical systems. For vehicle performance, from noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) to thermal management, this partnership amplifies the industry's potential to fine-tune the minutiae without crafting a single prototype. Mahesh Kailasam, finding the pitch-perfect note, articulates Hexagon's commitment to enhance vehicle performance at all levels.

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Source: Market Unwinded AI

Investing in Inner Harmony:

Investors attuned to the industry's rhythm should anticipate a surge in demand for advanced virtual prototyping tools. Hexagon and JSOL serve up a compelling narrative - a synergy that could shape how companies strike a balance between speed, cost-efficiency, and product reliability in EV development.

A Symphony of Market Factors:

  1. Efficiency and Weight – A lighter, nimbler EV powertrain equals better mileage and reduced energy consumption. New materials and manufacturing techniques are the sheet music for creating this masterpiece.

  2. NVH Reduction – Melodious user experiences in EVs are no longer a luxury; they're a concert ticket every buyer expects. As engineers employ novel simulation-driven design tweaks to tone down noise and refine comfort, market favour sways towards those who master this composition.

  3. Electro-Mechanical Complexities – Mixed-discipline engineering becomes a performance, solving the intricate puzzle of machine controls and gearboxes. The use of integrated solutions harmonizes efforts from disparate engineering backgrounds.

Industry Maestros Lead the Charge:

The spotlight also beams on parties like Powersys, which helps orchestrate the roll-out of these virtual prototyping solutions. Their expertise crescendos the movement towards zero physical prototypes, already resonating with propulsion in the U.S. market.

Hexagon's extensive suite encores from concept to system validation, while JMAG of JSOL Corporation performs its solo with precision electromechanical simulation. When united, they compose a future that is sustainable, connected, and autonomously harmonious with various industrial beats.

Hexagon is not just connecting nodes and vectors; it's connecting futures. JSOL Corporation isn't just calculating fields; it's fielding calculations for a smarter tomorrow.

Join us at Market Unwinded, where we decode the rhythm of markets and syncopate strategies for harmonious investments.

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