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Indian Agriculture goes Digital: DeHaat's Groundbreaking Partnership to Infuse BioAg Innovations

Indian agriculture is set to witness a significant digital agriculture transformation with DeHaat, the country's largest full-stack AgriTech platform, entering a multi-year partnership with globally renowned entities GBI (Global BioAg Innovations) and Aussan Laboratories. This collaboration is poised to deliver six patented formulations to Indian farmers, a step forward in combating climate change and promoting sustainable agriculture.

The Co-founder of DeHaat, Amrendra Singh, expresses his enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting its potential to drive more sustainable and climate-resilient farming practices. This venture aims to improve soil health and resource efficiency, leveraging DeHaat’s existing network of 12,000 franchise centres that span over 110,000 villages across 12 Indian states.

This strategic alliance, beyond doubt, disrupts the traditional Indian agricultural landscape, integrating global agri-input innovations with local farming practices. It's a remarkable demonstration of how technological advancements can enhance farming practices, improve resource management and yield environment-friendly products.

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