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SenseTime Pioneers Trustworthy AI with 'SenseTrust' : Generative AI Governance Market

SenseTime, a global AI software giant, has recently launched "SenseTrust", an avant-garde AI governance platform focusing on ethical and secure AI solutions. More than just another software, the comprehensive SenseTrust toolbox offers tools for data processing, model evaluation, and application governance, setting a new benchmark in trustworthy AI governance.

In a bid to foster a secure AI ecosystem, SenseTime, along with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Center for Computational Law and AI Ethics Research, unveiled a whitepaper on the development and governance of large AI models during WAIC 2023. This diligent effort illuminates the path to reliable AI, underlining the importance of ethical AI practices.

SenseTrust, as highlighted by Zhang Wang, VP and Chairman of AI Ethics and Governance Committee of SenseTime, is a robust platform that mitigates AI-related risks while fostering the development of reliable large models. The deployment of SenseTrust is a significant stride towards responsible AI usage and promises to offer dependable AI solutions to industries worldwide, from e-commerce to healthcare.

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