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NoMIS Power: Pioneering Robust SiC Power Semiconductors for USAF Aircraft Electronic Systems

Innovation doesn't cease to impress, and the latest announcement from NoMIS Power, a trailblazing company based out of Albany, New York, endorses this statement. The firm has been awarded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) with a prestigious contract to develop 1200V Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Semiconductors Devices (PSDs) specifically designed for aircraft power systems.

These advanced MOSFETs, designed to endure an array of conditions from nominal to transient, will play a pivotal role in providing consistent and reliable power to the aircraft. With their proprietary SiC device design, NoMIS Power is set to revolutionize the power electronics spectrum in aerospace through low-loss, on-state power controllers capable of passive cooling, surge current and voltage overshoot protection, and long short-circuit withstand time (SCWT).

This development assumes significance as it caters to the needs of both current generation aircraft using 270VDC architecture and aircraft utilizing +/-270VDC (540VDC rail-to-rail) architecture. By introducing robust device design and disruptive manufacturing techniques, NoMIS Power is gearing up to redefine efficiency and substantially reduce losses for power electronics engineers across the board.

In essence, this robust SiC device will not only enhance operational efficiency but will also extend the operational lifetime of aircraft electrical power systems. In the ever-evolving market landscape, such innovations are key to staying ahead. To gain in-depth understanding of this development's market impact and potential opportunities, kindly fill out our contact form below. We, at Market Unwinded, are here to empower you with market insights and competitive intelligence.

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