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Pioneering Galactic Chip: Northrop Grumman Joins Space Forge in Orbital Semiconductor Manufacture

Welcome to a paradigm shift in manufacturing that promises to reshape not just industries, but the very frontier where production happens. Northrop Grumman, a juggernaut in aerospace and defense, has joined forces with UK startup Space Forge to bring semiconductor manufacturing to orbit. And it’s not science fiction—it’s the strategy of tomorrow, today.

The Partnership:

Announced at the DSEI conference, Northrop Grumman and Space Forge have committed to a "collaborative agreement." Northrop will provide critical expertise, from technical and business advice to hands-on design and training. The startup's ForgeStar vehicle, which can stay in orbit for up to six months, is set to launch later this year, marking a key step in realizing in-space manufacturing.

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