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Revolution in EV Landscape: Sabic Unveils Materials for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Embracing the stimulating era of electric vehicles (EVs), Sabic, a global chemical industry titan, has presented something that remarkably deviates from the norm. Not one, but two trailblazing materials designed for sheet extrusion and thermoforming - the Sabic PP compound H1090 resin and Stamax 30YH611 resin. A formidable alternative to the conventional sheet metal forming, compression and injection molding, this innovative offering stands as a game-changer.

Constructed from polypropylene, these materials, fortified with 30% glass fiber, deliver remarkable thermal barrier properties. This could be instrumental in effectively slowing down or containing thermal runaway propagation, thereby addressing one of the primary safety concerns in EVs.

Imagine the potential of these materials in creating EV battery pack components such as top covers, enclosures, and module separators. The benefits range from design enhancement, system cost reduction, weight management to providing inherent thermal and electrical insulation advantages over stamped sheet metal. Plus, they outperform injection molding of thermoplastics and compression molding for thermosets in cost-efficiency and effectiveness.

Sabic’s Bluehero initiative, the force behind this development, continues to propel the automotive industry’s aspiration of manufacturing robust, safe, and efficient EVs. Intriguingly, it offers customers the opportunity to refine their battery components while trimming costs and gaining a competitive edge.

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