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Revolutionizing EV Charging: Onsemi's EliteSiC PIMs Set to Transform Bidirectional Power Transfer

Onsemi unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in power-integrated modules (PIMs) designed to revolutionize bidirectional DC-DC power transfer, particularly targeting the electric vehicle (EV) sector. The introduction of nine new EliteSiC PIMs signifies a pivotal leap in addressing the critical concern of long charge times associated with large EV batteries, aligning with the surging demand for faster and more efficient charging solutions.

Key Features of Onsemi's EliteSiC PIMs:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Performance: The new PIMs boast high efficiency and low on-resistance, optimizing bidirectional power transfer for advanced applications. This innovation directly addresses the pressing need for faster charging rates, a paramount concern for both designers and consumers amidst the escalating adoption of EVs.

  2. Versatile Applications Beyond EVs: While the primary focus is on EV charging, Onsemi emphasizes that any high-power DC-DC conversion could benefit from the new SiC PIMs. The improved efficiency and performance of SiC technology are particularly advantageous in scenarios requiring bidirectional power flow, such as vehicle-to-grid applications, thereby expanding the potential applications beyond the realm of EVs.

Implications and Opportunities:

  1. Accelerating EV Charging Revolution: The EliteSiC PIMs mark a significant stride in advancing the efficiency and speed of EV charging, addressing the challenges posed by high voltages, currents, and bidirectional power transfer. The potential to reduce charger size and weight by 40% and 52%, respectively, coupled with the capability to theoretically charge EV batteries to 80% in just 15 minutes, underscores the transformative impact of Onsemi's innovation on the EV charging landscape.

  2. SiC-Enabled Performance: The integration of Gen3 SiC MOSFETs within the EliteSiC PIMs promises the "lowest switching losses and highest efficiency in the industry," underlining the pivotal role of SiC technology in driving superior high-power switching performance. The support for various architectures and a maximum breakdown voltage of 1,200 V with 350 A continuous current further positions the PIMs as a catalyst for enhancing power handling capability in both on-board and off-board charging solutions.

  3. Future Grid Operations and Electrification: As the electrification of the world gains momentum, the improved efficiency of the EliteSiC PIMs holds the potential to reshape power delivery and management, not only in the context of EVs but also in supporting future grid operations. The continued R&D efforts towards faster charging stations and improved bidirectional power transfer underscore the pivotal role of EVs in the evolving energy landscape.

SiC EV Charging Market Unwinded
Source: Market Unwinded AI

Investment Insights:

  1. Growth Potential in SiC Technology: Onsemi's strategic focus on SiC-enabled PIMs highlights the burgeoning opportunities in the SiC semiconductor market, particularly in the context of high-power applications such as EV charging and bidirectional power transfer.

  2. EV Infrastructure and Charging Solutions: Investors should closely monitor companies involved in the development of EV charging infrastructure, as advancements in bidirectional power transfer and faster charging rates are poised to drive substantial growth in the EV sector.

  3. Technological Advancements in Power Electronics: The integration of SiC technology in power electronics presents compelling investment prospects, especially in companies at the forefront of developing efficient and high-performance power solutions for diverse applications.

Onsemi's EliteSiC PIMs stand as a testament to the transformative potential of advanced power electronics in shaping the future of EV charging and bidirectional power transfer. As the electrification of the automotive industry continues to gain momentum, the strategic implications of Onsemi's innovation extend far beyond the realm of EVs, signaling a paradigm shift in power delivery and management.

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