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Revolutionizing Soft Gel Tech: Rousselot's Patent Ushers in a New Era of Stability and Efficacy

Pioneering a prestigious milestone in the Food Tech industry, Rousselot, a health brand under the aegis of Darling Ingredients Inc., garners critical acclaim with the latest U.S. patent achievement. The granted patent solidifies Rousselot's intellectual hold on StabiCaps™, a cutting-edge gelatin technology designed to fortify the formulation and stability of soft gel capsules, thereby magnifying the release efficiency of active ingredients.

A Leader Tailoring Precision Solutions:

  1. Unveiling StabiCaps' Groundbreaking Impact: The specialized gelatin combats the prevalent crosslinking issues in soft gel dissolution, overcoming hurdles that hinder ingredient release due to molecular bonding provoked by particular active compounds or less-than-ideal storage conditions.

  2. Expanding Horizons: Following suit from its European victory in May 2022, where it captured patent recognition from the European Patent Office, Rousselot heightens its intellectual territory to a global scale, creating opportunities for manufacturers and end users alike in the U.S. market.

  3. Enhancing Production and Quality: Pierre-Albert Thomas, Rousselot's Functional Ingredients Director, spotlights the revolutionary essence of StabiCaps in the soft gel capsule production field. The U.S. patent is a green signal for manufacturers to leverage this advanced gelatin technology to enhance capsule integrity, extending shelf-life, and augmenting effectiveness.

Market Outlook:

Fuelling Sustainable Growth: With soft gel capsules clinching favor for their consumable convenience and capacity to mask odors and tastes, the global market is experiencing an upward trajectory projected at a CAGR of 4.3% over the next decade. StabiCaps positions itself as a core driver in this expansion, being a vital element in the manufacturer's arsenal for premium quality products.

Soft Gel Market Unwinded
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Portfolio Synergy and Investment Potential:

  1. Exploring Broad-Spectrum Applications: Rousselot's gelatin solutions portfolio, which includes SiMoGel™ for starch-free gummies, positions the brand at a strategic vantage point in both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

  2. Investment in Sustainable Practices: Darling Ingredients Inc. emanates as a sustainability frontrunner, transforming food waste into sustainable resources and renewable energy. StabiCaps is a testament to the company's innovation-driven growth and dedication to environmental stewardship.

  3. Building a Future-Proof Business Model: Rousselot's StabiCaps' patent signals a pivot towards technology that addresses not just current market demands but anticipates future industry standards, offering investors a beacon of sustainable innovation growth.

This newly patented innovation serves as a testament to Darling Ingredients' commitment to accelerating the transition to sustainable and efficient health solutions. StabiCaps is not just a product; it's a harbinger of innovation that intertwines technological excellence with sustainable foresight.

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