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Scales Corporation Ventures into European Petfood Ingredients Market: A Game-Changer

In a trailblazing move that promises to redefine the industry, the diversified agri-business group, Scales Corporation, has set its sights on Europe's petfood ingredients market. This bold expansion involves a 50% ownership stake in Esro Petfood BV, marking a significant stride in strengthening its global proteins arm. The company has also finalised plans to establish a petfood ingredient processing operation, backed by lending facilities of €15 million ($NZ27.2m).

Scales Corporation's impact is set to be felt in continental Europe, as it garners the endorsement of the Rooijackers and Fayman families, esteemed joint owners of Esro Food Group. The latter's existing edible byproduct processing facility in Belgium is currently under conversion into a dedicated petfood ingredient plant. The anticipation of a fully operational facility by the Q4 of 2023 augments the excitement surrounding this venture.

What makes this move interesting? Three key insights shed light on the potential implications for investors:

1. Influence on Future Earnings: While the move is not expected to positively impact earnings until partway through the 2024 financial year, it presents a long-term yield potential. This is an investment in the future, a calculated risk with a promising payoff.

2. Expansion of Current Operations: This venture is set to significantly complement the existing petfood ingredient businesses that Scales and its shareholding partners operate in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. The diversification and expansion of operations equip the corporation to tap into new markets and opportunities.

3. Creating a Market Impact: With the backing of the Rooijackers and Fayman families, coupled with investing partner Rabobank, Scales Corporation is positioned to make a considerable dent in the European market. It's a testament to their strategic vision and market resilience.

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