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Stellantis Ventures Invests in Tiamat: Pioneering Sodium-Ion Battery Technology

Stellantis Ventures, the corporate venture fund of Stellantis N.V., has announced its investment in Tiamat, a France-based company specializing in sodium-ion battery technology. This investment aligns with Stellantis' mission to provide clean, safe, and affordable mobility while also supporting its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2038.

Key Insights:

1. Sodium-Ion Technology Advantages:

- Cost-Effective Energy Storage: Sodium-ion technology offers a lower cost per kilowatt-hour compared to lithium-ion batteries, addressing the affordability aspect of Stellantis' mission.

- Material Sovereignty: The technology is free of lithium and cobalt, leveraging abundantly available sodium. This not only enhances sustainability but also reduces dependency on scarce resources, aligning with the global push for material sovereignty.

2. Strategic Investment:

- Tiamat's Recognition: Tiamat's recognition as one of the top-performing technology start-ups by Stellantis Ventures underscores the company's potential and innovation in the field of sodium-ion battery technology.

- Commercialization Milestone: As the first company to commercialize sodium-ion technology in an electrified product, Tiamat's pioneering efforts position it as a frontrunner in the industry.

3. Stellantis' Carbon Neutrality Goals:

- Electric Propulsion Focus: Shifting to electric propulsion is a key pillar of Stellantis' Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, aiming for a 100% passenger car battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales mix in Europe and a 50% mix in the United States by 2030.

- Battery Capacity and Raw Material Security: Stellantis is securing approximately 400 GWh of battery capacity and has secured supplies of EV raw materials through 2027, demonstrating a proactive approach to support its ambitious sales targets and sustainability goals.

4. Stellantis Ventures' Strategic Positioning:

- Dual Mandate: Stellantis Ventures' unique dual mandate focuses on sustainable growth prospects and high potential for technological adoption within Stellantis' products and operations, positioning it as a catalyst for driving value for portfolio companies.

- Automotive and Mobility Focus: With an initial investment of €300 million, Stellantis Ventures targets early and later-stage startup companies developing cutting-edge technologies for the automotive and mobility sectors, reflecting a forward-looking approach to innovation and technological advancement.

Sodium Battery Market Unwinded
Source: Market Unwinded AI

Investment Recommendation:

The investment in Tiamat reflects Stellantis' commitment to embracing innovative and sustainable technologies, positioning it at the forefront of the evolving automotive and mobility landscape. Sodium-ion battery technology presents a promising avenue for addressing cost, sustainability, and material sovereignty concerns, making it a strategic investment for Stellantis Ventures. As sodium-ion technology gains traction, it is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the electrification of vehicles, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable mobility solutions.

We recommend that investors closely monitor the developments in sodium-ion battery technology and its potential impact on the automotive and mobility sectors. Companies innovating in this space, such as Tiamat, present compelling investment opportunities, especially considering the increasing emphasis on sustainable and affordable energy storage solutions in the electric vehicle market.

In conclusion, Stellantis' investment in Tiamat underscores its proactive approach to technological innovation and sustainability, positioning it as a key player in shaping the future of mobility and energy storage solutions. Stay tuned for more insightful analyses and investment recommendations at Market Unwinded, where we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of automotive and mobility technologies.


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