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The Dawn of UK's Electric Era: Stellantis' Pioneering EV-Only Plant

In the heart of Northern Powerhouse, amidst the echoes of traditional combustion engines, the winds of change have begun to blow. The iconic Ellesmere Port, a bastion of automotive history since the 1960s, has been reborn, all thanks to the vision of multinational automotive giant, Stellantis. Today, we mark a significant milestone as Stellantis inaugurates the UK's inaugural electric vehicle (EV)-only production facility, propelling the UK into the forefront of electric vehicle manufacturing.

The Evolution:

  1. A Historical Pivot: Ellesmere Port, once renowned for its production of combustion engine vehicles, stands as a testament to adaptability. With a significant £100 million investment from Stellantis, it's not just a factory; it's the epitome of innovation, transformation, and a nod to the future.

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