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Unleashing the Next Era of Pet Training: Zigzag & Purina, a Perfect Symbiosis for Pet Parents

In a world where technology, compassion, and innovation intersect, Purina, the U.S. pet care leader, in collaboration with Zigzag, the UK's leading app in puppy training, has carved a new path that changes the game for pet parents across the globe. This isn't merely a new app; it's an entire ecosystem designed to revolutionize pet training and care, imbued with understanding, expertise, and the very essence of transformation.

1. Tailored Approach with Scalable Impact:

Zigzag's bespoke puppy training programs, tailored for every dog's unique age, breed, and environment, isn't just a training tool—it's an empowering philosophy. The integration of instant expert chat support means that each pet owner is guided through a journey that not only trains their beloved pet but enriches their lives together.

2. Building a Bridge to a Better Future:

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