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VMware and NVIDIA Unleashing Generative AI – A Partnership Reshaping Business Intelligence

Innovation drives growth and two giants of technology, VMware and NVIDIA, have joined hands to redefine what's possible with generative AI. Today, at VMware Explore in Las Vegas, these leading corporations announced the expansion of their strategic partnership, which is set to power hundreds of thousands of enterprises with the capabilities of generative AI in growth and business intelligence.

The Next Level of Enterprise Readiness for Generative AI

The VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA marks the advent of a new age in AI applications. The platform will be fully integrated, featuring generative AI software and accelerated computing from NVIDIA, optimized for AI and built on VMware Cloud Foundation.

  1. Customization, Privacy, and Security: It will allow enterprises to tailor models and run intelligent chatbots, assistants, search, and summarization, while ensuring data privacy, security, and control.

  2. Performance and Scalability: With NVIDIA's accelerated infrastructure, the platform aims to deliver bare-metal performance and data-center scale, enabling AI workloads to scale across up to 16 vGPUs/GPUs in a single virtual machine and across multiple nodes.

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