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Volkswagen Picks a New Path: Direct Chip Sourcing from Manufacturers – A Shrewd Move for Autoverse

The future of the automotive industry doesn't just lie on the roads, but in the complex silicon pathways of microprocessors. Volkswagen, a name synonymous with innovation and resilience, has once again set the pace by embracing a strategy to secure its place in the fast-evolving automotive ecosystem; direct chip sourcing is the way forward!

Yesterday's announcement from Volkswagen – that the auto giant is now sourcing critical chips directly from manufacturers, including the likes of NXP Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies, and Renesas Electronics – has not just made waves but could very well alter the tides of the industry.

Why is this move significant? Let's delve into the implications and insights that might reshape the market:

1. Re-imagining the Supply Chain: A Strategic Play With the chip shortage escalating into a global crisis, Volkswagen's decision to bypass traditional parts suppliers is more than a contingency plan; it's a visionary move. This strategy can set a precedent for other automakers, encouraging a supply chain model that is more resilient and less prone to global inconsistencies.

2. Electric Vehicles (EV) and the Need for Chips: An Unignorable Equation The hunger for microprocessors is unquenchable with the rise of EVs and their increasingly complex software architectures. From just eight semiconductors in a 1978 Porsche 911 to some 90 control units in a Škoda Enyaq today, the need is exponential. Volkswagen’s direct sourcing not only ensures a steady supply but empowers its continuous evolution in the burgeoning EV market.

3. A Prelude to the Future: From Direct Sourcing to Co-Development Volkswagen’s journey does not stop at sourcing; the collaboration with Franco-Italian chipmaker STMicroelectronics to co-develop a new semiconductor marks an unprecedented step. This synergy signifies more control, innovation, and an alignment of visions with manufacturers, foreseeing the market’s trends and potentialities.

The global impact of this approach could very well extend beyond Volkswagen, influencing the entire automotive industry to rethink its reliance on a traditional supply chain model. By the estimation of VW, the value of electronic components for cars is expected to more than double by 2030. Can the rest of the industry afford to lag?

Investors, stakeholders, and visionaries, take note of these market-altering shifts. We at Market Unwinded provide unparalleled insights into these changes, charting paths to potentially profitable futures.

If Volkswagen can direct its destiny in the storm of change, so can you. Let's navigate the intricate roads of innovation and market transformation together. Here's to driving your investments with mastery and foresight!



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