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Wagr Introduces 'Toto', the World's First AI-Powered Petcare Chatbot : Pet Care Market

Innovation isn’t just for humans anymore. India, Mumbai-based pet-tech start-up Wagr has taken pet care to the next level with their latest launch, Toto. Marking its place as the first of its kind AI-powered petcare chatbot, Toto is set to revolutionize the pet care market landscape in India by providing 24/7 expert advice on topics ranging from health to behaviour and general care.

With a staggering 5 Crore pet-related Google searches in India each month, Toto fills a critical information gap. It delivers personalized guidance and recommendations, based on the specific needs of each pet, and in the language the pet parents are most comfortable with – Hindi.

In just a short period, Toto has already served over 3000 pet parents, with numbers expected to skyrocket to 10 lakh within the year. The integration of Toto with the Wagr app further enhances its value proposition, offering real-time AI chatbot support, veterinary consultations, home delivery of pet care products, engaging content, and digital pet health records.

The advent of Toto underscores the potential of AI in reshaping industries and driving customer-centric innovation. If you're intrigued by this development and its impact on the market, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form below. We are here to provide you with detailed insights about market shifts and competitive intelligence.

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