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The agritech market, valued at USD 22 billion in 2023, is projected to experience significant growth, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Modern consumers seek sustainable food production, traceability, and transparency, driving technological advancements in robotics, AI, and precision agriculture. The market showcases fierce competition with global leaders and emerging innovators offering diverse agritech solutions. Opportunities abound in product innovations like autonomous farming vehicles and cellular horticulture, and niches such as robotic weeding and regenerative farming. Investing in agritech not only promises substantial returns but also supports sustainable food production, fulfilling global needs.


Table of Contents:

1. Scope of Report

2. Deciphering the Agritech Market's Financial Blueprint: Present Valuations and Forecasts

3. Decoding Market Trends: Aligning with Buyer Sentiments and Technological Evolutions

 3.1 Buyer Dynamics: Understanding the Evolving Consumer Landscape

  3.1.1 Commitment to Sustainable and Eco-friendly Food Production

  3.1.2 The Demand for Traceability and Transparent Supply Chains

  3.1.3 Inclination for Locally Sourced, Fresh Produce

  3.1.4 Rise of Alternative Farming: Vertical and Cellular Horticulture

  3.1.5 Shift from Chemicals to Biological Alternatives

 3.2 Technological Paradigms: Innovations Pioneering the Future of Agriculture

  3.2.1 Robotics and Automation in the Fields

  3.2.2 Data-Driven Agriculture: AI and ML's Role

  3.2.3 Precision Agriculture: The Science of Optimal Resource Allocation

  3.2.4 Real-time Agricultural Monitoring: IoT and Smart Sensors

  3.2.5 Blockchain: The New Trust Anchor in Agriculture

4. The Competitive Battleground: A Deep Dive into the Strategic Landscape

 4.1 A Battlefield of Innovations and Alliances

 4.2 Key Developments

  4.2.1 Robotics Plus launches autonomous vehicle for orchard and vineyard production

  4.2.2 Cellular horticulture research by Plant & Food Research

  4.2.3 SeedSpider launches AI-augmented robotic weeder, WeedSpider

  4.2.4 Agri-Tech Startup RegenX Secures $500,000 in Pre-Seed Funding

  4.2.5 Researchers secure $1M to grow berries year-round

  4.2.6 80 Acres Farms opens new vertical farming operation

  4.2.7 Agritech Ergos raises $10 million in funding

  4.2.8 Merger of three UK agri-tech centres

  4.2.9 Gobi Partners invests in Malaysian AgriTech startup BoomGrow

  4.2.10 Lincoln Agritech researchers harness bacteria to combat plant fungal diseases

  4.2.11 Ghana Agritech Startup Complete Farmer secures funding

  4.2.12 Investments in Indian agri-tech startups fall 45%

  4.2.13 Indonesian agritech EdenFarm confirms mass layoff

  4.2.14 UK government funds 19 innovative projects focused on developing automation and robotic technologies in agriculture

  4.2.15 Zuari FarmHub Collaborates with CropX Technologies for Advanced Farming Solutions

5. AgriTech Market MUCAS™ Matrix

 5.1 Rating for Growth Drivers

 5.2 Rating for Challenges

 5.3 Rating for Opportunities

6. Porter's Five Forces Analysis for the AgriTech Market

 6.1 Threat of New Entrants

 6.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

 6.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers

 6.4 Threat of Substitutes

 6.5 Competitive Rivalry

7. Supply Chain Analysis of AgriTech Industry

 7.1 AgriTech Companies

 7.2 Farmers

 7.3 Investors

 7.4 Government & Regulatory Bodies

 7.5 Consumers

8. SWOT Analysis for AgriTech Market

 8.1 Strengths

 8.2 Weaknesses

 8.3 Opportunities

 8.4 Threats

9. Golden 4P Insights

 9.1 Product

 9.2 Price

 9.3 Place

 9.4 Promotion

10. Sales & Marketing Touch Point Analysis - AgriTech Market

11. Pioneering Market Entry and Expansion: Decoding Strategic Avenues

12. Investment Rationale: Why Agritech is the Investment Hub of Today

13. Culmination: Agritech's Confluence of Potential and Pragmatism

14. Research Methodology

AgriTech Market - Strategy Point | Size, Trends

  • Format: PDF

    Pages: 121

    Forecast Scope: 2023-2030

    Last Updated: 05/10/2023



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