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This strategic intelligence guide offers a deep dive into the burgeoning Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) market. With the industry projected to hit USD 6.45 billion by 2030, the report elucidates current market trends, competitive rivalries, and untapped opportunities. Complemented by robust Porter's, SWOT, and 4P analyses, the guide also delves into market dynamics, the latest industry developments, and sales touchpoints. Ideal for strategy teams at investment firms and leading players in the BCI sector, this report promises strategic insights, ensuring readers are poised at the forefront of BCI market knowledge and investment potential.


Table of Contents:

1. Scope of Report

2. Unveiling the Magnitude: Market Valuation and Future Prospects

3. Current Market Trajectory: Delineating Trends

   3.1 Buyer's Affinities

      3.1.1 The Rise of Contactless

      3.1.2 Vocal Commands Taking Center Stage

      3.1.3 Embracing Inclusivity

   3.2 Technological Advancements on the Horizon

      3.2.1 BCI Enters the Wearable Realm

      3.2.2 The Dawn of Hybrid BCI

      3.2.3 AI: The BCI Game-Changer

4. The Competitive Battleground: A Deep Dive into the Strategic Landscape

  4.1 Competitive Rivalry: An In-Depth Look into the BCI Battleground

  4.2 Key Developments

   4.2.1 Prophetic's Development of a Wearable Device for Stabilizing Lucid Dreams

   4.2.2 WiMi's Brain-Computer Interface System for UAV Control

   4.2.3 ONWARD Medical's Thought-Driven Movement Device for Spinal Injuries

   4.2.4 Brain-Reading Headset by University of Houston for Stroke Victims

   4.2.5 Precision Neuroscience's FDA Breakthrough Nod for BCI and Factory Acquisition

   4.2.6 Neuralink's Human Trials for BCI Implants

   4.2.7 Onward's Brain Implants Restoring Arm Movements in Paralyzed Patients

   4.2.8 AAVAA's Development of Contactless Devices for the Workplace

   4.2.9 In-Ear Integrated Sensor Array for Continuous Monitoring of Brain Activity and Lactate Levels

   4.2.10 WiMi's Development of Assistive Robotic Technology Based on Hybrid BCI

   4.2.11 Digital Avatar and AI Enabling Paralysis Patient to Speak Again

   4.2.12 Aavaa's Headset that Tracks Facial Gestures

5. Brain Computer Interface Market MUCAS™ Matrix

  5.1 Rating for Growth Drivers

  5.2 Rating for Challenges

  5.3 Rating for Opportunities

6. Porter's Five Forces Analysis for the Brain Computer Interface Market

  6.1 Threat of New Entrants

  6.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

  6.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers

  6.4 Threat of Substitutes

  6.5 Competitive Rivalry

7. Supply Chain Analysis of Brain Computer Interface Industry

  7.1 Manufacturers

  7.2 Suppliers

  7.3 Distributors

  7.4 End Users

  7.5 Regulatory Bodies

8. SWOT Analysis for Brain Computer Interface Market

  8.1 Strengths

  8.2 Weaknesses

  8.3 Opportunities

  8.4 Threats

9. Golden 4P Insights

  9.1 Product

  9.2 Price

  9.3 Place

  9.4 Promotion

10. Sales & Marketing Touch Point Analysis - Brain Computer Interface Market

11. Scouting Opportunities: Where to Plant the Flag Next

12. The Investment Rationale: Making the BCI Bet

13. Concluding Musings: Navigating the Future of Brain-Computer Interface

14. Research Methodology


Brain Computer Interface Market - Strategy Point | Size, Trends

  • Format: PDF

    Pages: 113

    Forecast Scope: 2023-2030

    Last Updated: 08/10/2023



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