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The electric two-wheeler market is reaching a pivotal moment, fueled by advancements in battery technology, governmental support, and a global focus on sustainability. This report provides a deep dive into emergent trends, such as smart connectivity and swappable batteries, offering investors actionable insights for both immediate and long-term strategies. With a projected CAGR of 18.93% from 2023 to 2030, the sector presents robust investment prospects. From niche markets like premium electric bikes to broader sectors like urban last-mile delivery, the electric two-wheeler landscape is ripe for disruptive innovation.


Table of Contents:


  1.1 Research Methodology

  1.2 Scope of this Report

2. Current Market Valuation and Forward-Looking Projections

3. Nuances in Market Trends: Buyer Preferences and Technological Paradigm Shifts

  3.1 The Consumer's Evolving Palette

  3.2 Technological Leaps: Not Just Incremental Gains

4. The Competitive Cauldron: Friend or Foe?

  4.1 Market Competition

  4.2 Key Developments

    4.2.1 BMW Unveils CE 04 Electric Scooter

    4.2.2 Maxion Wheels and Antric Partnership

    4.2.3 Oben Electric's Experience Centre in India

    4.2.4 UBER's Electric Bike Launch in Kenya

    4.2.5 Kenya's Nationwide Electric Bike Initiative

    4.2.6 Hero Moto's Investment in Electric Bike Startup Ather

    4.2.7 Sondors' Inability to Fulfill Customer Orders

    4.2.8 Ola Electric's 400 Percent YoY Growth

    4.2.9 VanMoof's Acquisition by McLaren Subsidiary

    4.2.10 Stima, One Electric, & Mobius Motors' Strategic Partnership

    4.2.11 Yamaha's New Online Sales Platform

    4.2.12 Honda's Swappable Battery Market Move

    4.2.13 Gogoro Philippines' Lobbying For Tariff Exemptions

    4.2.14 Dust Moto's Crowd Funding Program For New Electric Motorcycle

5. Electric Two Wheeler Market MUCAS™ Matrix

  5.1 Rating for Growth Drivers

  5.2 Rating for Challenges

  5.3 Rating for Opportunities

6. Porter's Five Forces Analysis for the Electric Two Wheeler Market

  6.1 Threat of New Entrants

  6.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

  6.3 Bargaining Power of Buyers

  6.4 Threat of Substitutes

  6.5 Competitive Rivalry

7. Supply Chain Analysis of Electric Two Wheeler Industry

  7.1 Manufacturers

  7.2 Suppliers

  7.3 Distributors

  7.4 Retailers

  7.5 Consumers

8. SWOT Analysis for the Electric Two Wheeler Market

  8.1 Strengths

  8.2 Weaknesses

  8.3 Opportunities

  8.4 Threats

9. Golden 4P Insights

  9.1 Product

  9.2 Price

  9.3 Place

  9.4 Promotion

10. Sales & Marketing Touch Point Analysis - Go To Market Entries

11. Pinpointing Areas for Market Entry and Business Proliferation

12. Why the Time to Invest is Now

13. The Road Ahead - The Strategic Investment Playbook

Electric Two Wheeler Market Intelligence & Strategy Guide

  • Format: PDF

    Pages: 89

    Forecast Scope: 2023-2030

    Last Updated: 06/09/2023



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